Donor FAQ

Q. What is The Amazing Give?

The Amazing Give will raise money for local nonprofits through a single online donation platform, providing a simple way to connect donors to the charitable causes they care about most and encourage them to take action. Part of the Junior League of Gainesville's mission is to improve the lives of the community. This 12-hour online fundraising effort hosted by the Junior League of Gainesville, with the help of sponsors, will offer our area of nonprofits the chance to raise funds to support their critical missions.

Q. When is The Amazing Give?

The Amazing Give is on April 25 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Q. Why should my organization participate?

The Amazing Give is a great way to boost your organization’s fundraising efforts. The Amazing Give allows eligible nonprofits to reach potential new donors and provides the type of visibility that only a county effort of this type can generate. To make the most of these efforts, your organization should ensure that your profile is up-to-date on the site well ahead of The Amazing Give and is custom-branded to tell your story. Learn more about using the tools.

Q. How can my nonprofit participate?

Search for your organization by name or EIN here. You can create your organization's profile if you do not see your organization listed. You can check out the support articles to walk you through the process or email amazinggivegnv@gmail.org for more information.

Q. How much does it cost?

The Junior League of Gainesville charges a $150 entry fee.

Of your donation, only 5.5% + $0.30 will be retained by the credit card companies AND GiveGab. The complete breakdown is as follows:

3% service charge from GiveGab for building and maintaining the hosting site. This is the only cost accrued by GiveGab, and it covers site building and maintenance, live event customer service, and donation processing.

2.5% + $0.30 is charged on all transactions made with any card provider. In past years, fees have been higher for transactions with American Express. These are standard charges from each credit card company for donations made online.

You are given the option to cover the fees, and if you choose this option, 100% of your online charitable gift will go to the receiving organization. All donations are final and cannot be refunded.

Any donations processed outside the Giving Day Period, through GiveGab.com, or subsequent recurring donations are subject to transaction fees outlined on the GiveGab.com pricing page: info.givegab.com/pricing.

Q. What is GiveGab?

GiveGab is an online giving platform that helps nonprofits raise money, engage donors, and manage volunteers quickly and efficiently. GiveGab offers a full portfolio of simple and easy-to-use products that allow organizations to function more streamlined.

Q. What is the deadline to ensure my participation in The Amazing Give?

The deadline to register and have guaranteed inclusion in The Amazing Give is March 22, 2024. Your page must be created, and your bank account must be linked by March 22, 2024. Your profile on GiveGab is available 365 days a year for fundraising and volunteer management. Please reach out to amazinggivegnv@gmail.com if you would like to register after the closing date. 

Q. Is my organization eligible to participate?

Organizations that are verified 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofits that are headquartered or provide services in the North Central Florida area are eligible to participate in The Amazing Give. Organizations and programs operated with religious intent, mission, and/or purpose can participate in the Giving Day as long as they allocate 100% of any funds generated by the Giving Day for non-religious programs, services, and activities (i.e., food pantries, educational programs. etc.). The program must be clearly stated on the Giving Day page.  Additionally, all participating nonprofits will be required to attest that they comply with state-mandated fundraising laws before being able to collect donations. For more information about how to confirm your organization complies with GiveGab, please see the following support article: Steps to Fundraising Verification on GiveGab.

Q. Why do you require the date of birth and the last four digits of the nonprofit administrator's Social Security number for a nonprofit's donation payouts?

As an online platform that collects, processes, and distributes money through donations from supporters to organizations, GiveGab must abide by the rules, regulations, and compliance laws of the United States. In particular, they must verify that the individual registering an organization to collect donations is authorized to do so and is who they say they are. Additionally, GiveGab needs to verify that the organization is a legitimately registered corporation.

Collecting this information helps us streamline donation processing and payouts with our underlying payment processor (Stripe) and the financial institutions that Stripe works with.

More importantly, we have a duty to our users. When donors choose to support a cause with a monetary gift, they must trust that their donation is going where they expect it to go! You can read a full explanation here, including how this information is stored.

Q. Can more than one person claim admin access on our organization’s page?

Yes, pending approval from existing administrators. All administrators will need to create profiles on GiveGab. Every person with administrative access will receive emails about updates to their page.

Q. How much of the donation will go to our organization?

GiveGab retains a 3% campaign management fee from all donations to The Amazing Give.

Credit Card processing fees are an additional 2.5% + $0.30 for all major credit cards, including AMEX. 100% of all donations are tax-deductible for the donor. All donations will be officially receipted for tax purposes by GiveGab.

Donors always have the option to cover the fees, so the organization receives 100% of the donation.

Q. When will we receive the donated funds?

Organizations will receive all donations, less any uncovered processing fees, within 5 business days via direct deposit as long as bank routing and account information have been verified. GiveGab uses a PCI Level I compliant payment service to ensure that all financial data is secure. Donations open on April 11 at 8 a.m. and close on April 28 at 11:59 p.m.

Q. How does an organization know who has donated and how much? Can I download a donation report?

All organizations participating in The Amazing Give can access and download a . CSV file of their donations via their administrative dashboard on GiveGab. The report is updated in real-time and will include the donation payout date for bank account reconciliation, donation information (including a breakdown of the fees), and the donor's name and contact information. Click here to download a sample donation report.

Q. How can our organization be most successful with The Amazing Give event?

Check out our tips in the Nonprofit Toolkit or attend a webinar or workshop.

Q. What portion of a donation made on GiveGab is tax deductible?

Tax deductibility for a donor is based on giving to a nonprofit; it's not dependent upon how that nonprofit uses the funds. On GiveGab, the nonprofit pays for the fees, regardless of whether the donor elects to cover. GiveGab allows donors to increase their donation by an amount equal to the fees the nonprofit will pay so that the nonprofit realizes the total amount of the intended donation after payment of the fees. Just because the donor is given this option does not make the additional amount non-deductible.

Outside of using GiveGab, nonprofits do not provide their donors a breakdown of what portion of their donation is deductible (unless the donor receives something of value in return, such as dinner, etc.). That's because deductibility is based on giving to the nonprofit, not how the nonprofit chooses to use the funds. You could almost consider when the donor elects to cover the fees, that portion of the donation is a restricted gift that will be used to pay for the expenses incurred to receive the gift. Restricted gifts are tax-deductible, based on who receives the gift (nonprofit), not what the gift is used for.

Ultimately, whether a donor decides to deduct the fees as a donation on their tax returns is their option, and we do not provide tax advice. If they want to be ultra-conservative, they can choose not to take a deduction for the fees when they file. Who receives the donation determines tax deductibility, not how the donation is used. If it were the opposite, nonprofits would have to provide a full accounting to each donor of how every penny of each donation was used - that is impractical and would increase nonprofit administrative expenses exponentially.

GiveGab does not provide tax advice. Please consult your local tax professional about what portion of the full donation amount can be claimed as a charitable contribution.